18 January 2014

Bookmarking the Common Core

I have to finish my syllabi this weekend, so I can't say anything in depth, but we in higher ed humanities need to be paying more attention to the Common Core than we do.  

It's going to affect how we teach and how we make the case for what we do.

This link will take you to Gary Rubinstein's speech to the MLA about the Common Core standards. Gary Rubinstein is most prominent on the interwebz for his trenchant critiques of Teach for America (of which he is an alum).  One soundbite stood out to me:

The Pearson Corporation has become the ultimate arbiter of the fate of students, teachers, and schools.
That's on p. 5 of the 17-page speech, and it appears, in many ways, to be the, you know, bottom line.

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