03 June 2014

The Posts Not Written

And suddenly, the number of things I couldn't blog about--too personal, too mired in the concerns of relevant parties, too subject to institutional regulation, too specific to the bitterness of a particular moment, too consequential--left no room for the things I could blog about.  Here are some of the posts not written:

  • Work-Life Vertigo, or The Limits of Compartmentalizing.
  • Tales from the First Time on a Search Committee (adjunct hiring edition).
  • The Plagiarism Smackdown
  • The Making of a Faculty Union
  • Mercy, Despair, and Sloth: The Truth of Grading Finals.

But the semester has finally washed me up on the shores of summer and I've had some time to catch up on the last six weeks of academic fun on the internet.  Let the blogging recommence!

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