19 April 2016

NTTs on Strike (Links from 4/19)

We just finished day 1 of a two-day strike.  Here's what it looked like.

The building we were picketing, emptied by our labor action:

It takes two to tango, but you can definitely dance at our revolution!

Students join the picket line.

Noon rally on the quad side of the building.

The local newspaper made a video about the strike, which features both our president and lead negotiator.

The local newspaper reports on the first day of the strike.

Local news station WAND covers it, too.

The student newspaper gets statements from folks on the picket line.

One of this year's Guggenheim Fellows, who used to be Head of the English department, writes to the Chancellor and Provost.

And the Interim Chancellor sent out a second MassMail. Two in one day strikes me as something of a record, but I've only been NTT here since 2005, so I could be wrong.

I blog about that second MassMail.

(I blogged about and linked to the first one here.)

No doubt there's more, but I'm weary, and now I have another MassMail to write about before I sleep. Feel free to send me any juicy links you've got or post them in the comments.

UPDATE 4/20:

AAUP shares the NTFC Local 6546 press release.

Remaking the University covers the strike.

The Campus Faculty Association translates the Chancellor's MassMail for us.

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